Los Angeles, CA – Many of us go into the New Year wanting to stay more focused on what really matters.  Tyia by Viawearis a new fashion-forward wearable personal assistant that empowers us to avoid constantly checking our cell phones and will be exhibiting in booth 75714 at the 2015 International CES.

Created by award-winning jewelry designer, Walter Chefitz, Tyia blends fine jewelry craftsmanship with cutting edge technology to create a beautiful and useful accessory that lets us stay more focused by notifying us only when it is necessary to check our phones. At CES, Viawear will be announcing and demonstrating their full line of smart bracelets, including a special edition precious metal and diamond version designed for the luxury market.

With all the new messaging apps and social content in today’s market, we have become consumed by our digital lives. A majority of the day is spent glued to our phones checking emails, texts, answering calls and monitoring social feeds. We have developed involuntary phone checking habits, often up to 150 times a day. One of the most dangerous habits is checking our phones while we drive, with studies showing that distracted driving is just as dangerous as driving under the influence. Tyia empowers users to take the 2015 Text Free Driving Pledge so that when they receive an important notification, they will pull over to read and respond.

2015 is the perfect time to prioritize what is important. With Tyia, wearers can still stay connected to their phones but filter which notifications should break through to their bracelet. When alerted, they can easily feel how important a notification is through a custom vibration pattern, as well as through colors that shine through a semi precious gemstone fused with mother of pearl to provide a soft glow. Unlike smart watches, Tyia is capable of selecting and filtering senders or types of content within any mobile app.

At CES, Tyia will announce even more features including activity tracking capabilities that sync with fitness applications to help you stay motivated, improve your health and track your activity.

Each bracelet offers easily interchangeable genuine leather, metal or athletic band options and other accessory options being announced at CES. Walter Chefitz, Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Viawear, is an award winning designer and former design director for David Yurman.  Chefitz’s unique background in technology and jewelry are evident when you try on Tyia. We look forward to seeing you at 2015 International CES!

Source: http://ballantinespr.com/News/Viawear/Viawear_NY.html