BPR-sig2Los Angeles, CA  – Grant Roberts a Beverly Hills based Trainer and Nutritionist, former Mr. Canada bodybuilding champion, and best known for the transformation of Hilary Swank for her Oscar winning role in Million Dollar Baby, is taking on the role as spokesperson against AHA’s Heart-Check Food Certification Program, which operates in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). 

Roberts’ was inspired to lead the initiative against the AHA’s Heart-Check Food Certification Program after the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada, founded in 1952, announced it would be discontinuing its Health Check program on June 18, 2014. The Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada stated: 

“Much has changed in the past 15 years in the world of food and nutrition…Health Check is no longer the right program for the time. The logo will start to disappear from grocery products and restaurant menus over the next few months during which time we will continue to support the program.” 

Until now the Canadian organization had mimicked and disseminated the AHA’s messaging to Canadians regarding methodologies and recommendations to reduce heart disease, strokes and obesity. 

The premise of both the AHA’s Heart-Check Food Certification Program and Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada Health Check Program was to promote and sell their respective logos to processed food manufacturers in order to influence consumers to buy “low-fat” foods.

Grant Roberts shares why he believes the programs are damaging to the public’s health as a whole:

“ The programs were flawed from the inception as science does not support the grain based low fat diet recommendations of the industry influenced USDA Nutrition Guidelines launched in1980 that was mimicked by the Canada Food Guide.

Scientist Ancel Keys doctored the infamous “Seven Country Study” ignoring data from fifteen additional countries that did not fit his low fat hypothesis. He then influenced the American Heart Association who in turn influenced the USDA to publish the erroneous advice (1980), launching the worst ongoing nutritional experiment in the history of man.

The Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation discontinuing the Health Check program   is a monumental first step into changing consciousness of organizations and ultimately consumers to combat obesity with science based nutritional advice. The demonization of fat is unfounded; fat is a critically essential component of human nutrition and body composition. Categorically carbohydrates are non-essential and the heavily promoted grain consumption is especially problematic in the fight against obesity. The USDA as their name implies oversees the factory farming of mammals and conclusively knows that fat in diet does not beget fat.  Farmers get paid by the pound, to fatten any mammal cheaply and efficiently, you need only feed the subject copious amounts of low fat grain.”

Roberts is available for meetings and interviews to discuss his initiative.

Grant Roberts is a Beverly Hills based exercise and nutrition expert, former Mr. Canada bodybuilding champion and is best known for transformation of Hilary Swank for Oscar winning role Million Dollar Baby. Roberts has a reach and following of over 3 million individuals on multiple platforms including his websites, blogs and apps. Roberts also heads two foundations, Healthy Student Bodies and Healthy and Fit Communities, which are both committed to creating healthy changes globally.

Source: http://www.ballantinespr.com/News/MEDIA_ALERTS/AHAprogram.html