Alexandria, VA. – Today, KlowdTV doubled its channel offerings with the launch of its first all-inclusive global news package, featuring 6 premier global networks: Bloomberg HD, Sky News International,Newsmax, One America News, France 24 and RT America; and a seven-channel entertainment package featuring channels like Youtoo America and AWE — home to popular travel, design, cooking, parenting and fashion shows. Available to subscribers via, mobile devices, smart TVs, and set-top boxes, each new package is just $2.99, making it the most competitively priced package model in the U.S.

With the addition of these premier global news channels, KlowdTV’s mission is to introduce consumers to a variety of high quality TV networks at the lowest price point possible. Empowering users to select inexpensive micro-packages of content, KlowdTV is the only streaming provider in the U.S. that does not require subscribers to pay for a base package of mandatory channels in order to access more channels.

“These partnerships are more than licensing agreements with major networks,” said Michael Grams, Co-Founder of KlowdTV. “It is a collaboration of innovative and accessible technology combined with instant access to today’s top streamed content. We are empowering consumers to give them the freedom to select among small inexpensive packages of networks without harsh long term contracts or unwanted channels lumped together in a ‘base’ package.”

KlowdTV first launched in September with 15 channels that made up its two initial packages offered: sports and outdoor lifestyle; a nod to the constant popularity of livestreamed sporting events. Now, less than a year later, KlowdTV has since expanded to 30 channels, offering cord cutters online access to a range of news, entertainment, outdoor lifestyle, and sports packages.

KlowdTV charges users a monthly delivery fee of $3.99 that accompanies the micro-package(s) consumers chose to select. The delivery fee is not affected by the number of micro-packages a user chooses to subscribe to. The KlowdTV app is available on the following devices: Roku, Amazon Fire, Mac and PC browsers, Sony Smart TVs, TiVo, and most Android and iOS devices including iPhone and iPad.



About KlowdTV:
KlowdTV is a U.S. streaming platform bringing consumers live TV channels via their computer, mobile device and television. Founded in 2014, KlowdTV delivers a diverse range of live content on 30 channels, including News, Entertainment, Outdoor Lifestyle, and Sportspackages. Launched as an alternative for cord cutters or an add-on to traditional cable subscriptions, KlowdTV empowers subscribers to pick which packages and channels they pay for, while providing flexible viewing on computers, smart devices, and TVs. For more information, visit and follow KlowdTV on and Twitter:@KlowdTelevision.