Our campaigns are as different as our clients. We leverage our experience, knowledge and each other to craft a customized plan to deliver the enduring results. Our approach is based on the opportunity to make strategic introductions, create and execute a media plan, secure and elevate the profile of our clients and products.


BPR has many years cultivating relationships around the world with print, online and broadcast & media. We tell your story by connecting you with top-tier local and global media, in the form of press releases and editorial coverage. Because of our deep-rooted relationships with the media and use of various technology–we use Vocus, the premier media database–our clients benefit immensely and are able to establish a positive reputation within the global media circuit.


We Guarantee Results! Measurable Results provide creative, flexible, significant solutions aimed at getting our clients return on their investment. The results are measured through media placements, which provide an enduring testament for each of our clients. The BPR results are proven!

Ballantines PR’s President, Sarah Robarts, speaks on why Public Relations is one of the most powerful and effective tools any business can utilize to further their success. At BPR we believe that understanding the relationship between your company and the media — and how to make the most of this dichotomy — will allow you to reach the widest audience in the best way possible.